Sometimes the person who needs forgiveness most is you...

The Missionary & The Mercenary is a story intertwining history, suspense, and a love story with a dash of religion and family. During the fight for Irish nationalism, a young boy is forced to watch as his father is dragged away to jail without cause. From that moment, Sean Michael Brennan is pulled into a life of police brutality, secret patrols, and hiding. He’s even jailed himself. Through all this tragedy, he has one light in his life, his one true love, Éaden O’Hara. But their marriage falls apart when she commits a horrible act Sean sees as unforgivable. The marriage is annulled and the two lovers part ways. Sean joins the priesthood, years later moving to do missionary work in Central America where he runs in to a nun named Sister Monica, already there, and engaged in dangerous missions that no one knows anything about. That is, until Father Brennan witnesses her late night activities at the Mission. As kidnappings and other secret crimes go on in the background, the two are finally thrown together, with a dangerous secret of their own. When Father Brennan and Sister Monica are captured, their captors notice the bond between them, and devise a plan to force information from the two of them. During the interrogation, Father Brennan has no choice but to keep their secret at the expense of his sanity, resulting in Sister Monica being sadistically tortured in a ritualistic way, and leaving Father Brennan with an unbearable guilt that he carries with him long after they’ve both returned safely home to Ireland. Can Sean forgive himself or will he commit the ultimate sacrifice to end his torment?

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